Bauhaus ‘ Art as Life’ @ Barbican Art Gallery

I just went to the Bauhaus ‘Art as Life’ exhibition at Barbican art gallery. The exhibition presents the pioneering and diverse artistic production that makes up the school’s trubulent fourteen-year history from 1919 to 1933. It develops into the subjects at the heart of the Bauhaus through more than 400 works, including painting, sculpture, ceramics, textiles, furniture, graphic, product design, theatre, architecture, film and photography.

The most attractive work for me is from Oskar Schlemmer. Afterwards, I do some research about him and his work:

Oskar Schlemmer (4 September 1888 – 13 April 1943) was a German painter, sculptor, designer and choreographer associated with the Bauhaus school. In 1923 he was hired as Master of Form at the Bauhaus theatre workshop, after working some time at the workshop of sculpture. His most famous work is “Triadisches Ballett,” in which the actors are transfigured from the normal to geometrical shapes. Also in Slat Dance and Treppenwitz, the performers’ costumes make them into living sculpture, as if part of the scenery.

Triadische Ballett, Oskar Schlemmer

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