‘ Relationship’ Installation – Shanghai Biennale @ Power Station of Arts, Shanghai, China.

O22A0305 copy O22A0301 copy O22A0298 copy O22A0293 copy O22A0288 copy O22A0279 copy O22A0277 copy O22A0275 copy O22A0263 copy O22A0258 copy O22A0253 copy O22A0245 copy O22A0238 copy O22A0227 copy O22A0097 copy O22A0200 copy O22A0193 copy O22A0187 copy O22A0184 copy O22A0182 copy O22A0174 copy O22A0170 copy O22A0160 copy O22A0157 copy O22A0152 copy O22A0149 copy O22A0148 copy O22A0145 copy O22A0139 copy O22A0110 copy O22A0105 copy O22A0101 copy


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